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first come........first serve^.^
its 19th day!!!^.^

and you know what that means??....^.^
percent off.......
for 1901......!!!^.^

you dont know 1901??....
well.....buckle up.....
you going to read more!^.^

It was at the height of the Asian Financial Crisis. The country was reeling from the impact. Belts were tightened and many businessmen took conservative routes to ride the crisis over. In the midst of this turmoil, two young entrepreneurs, Tengku Rozidar and Ahmad Zakir, set up the first ever hot dog store in Sunway Pyramid, Malaysia. The rest, as they say, is history. From the first pushcart, 1901 now has grown by leaps and bounds with over 70 outlets by 2007.

For Tengku Rozidar and Ahmad Zakir, 1901 is the culmination of their dream. They believe that many fellow Malaysians would like to run their own business, just like they do. Therefore they decided to set up a franchise and make it affordable. That way, people who aspire to run their own business could pursue the dream. On the other hand, the design of pushcarts and stores were reminiscent of America’s hot dog stores. The approach was so successful that for a long time, many people had thought that 1901 is an American hot dog chain.

For the founders, the success they have achieved is just a beginning. Now, they set their sight to soar to new heights.

Our Vision
To build a world where everyone is a friend

Our Mission
Our Customers
We treat our customers as friends - with warmth & courtesy. We endeavor to foster a long term relationship and to inspire them to embrace our values.

Our Food
We prepare our hot dogs with care and responsibility; with special attention to quality ingredients and hygiene.

Our Outlets
We operate centers where friendships are built and fostered. We communicate our values in a friendly, safe and hygienic environment.

Our Buddies
As employees, we are called buddies. As buddies, we are encouraged to do our best at all times and unleash our full potential. We treat one another as friends, while maintaining a high standard of professionalism. We propagate our values by touching and inspiring people around us through our thoughts and actions.

Our Franchisees
We aim to support our franchisees to the best of our ability in a symbiotic and respectful relationship so that they can prosper economically and responsibly. Our franchisees are our ambassadors. They touch and inspire people around them through their thoughts and actions.

Our Business Partners
We treat our Business Partners with fairness and integrity. We aim to maintain a long-term relationship and prosper together.

Our Community
We strive to encourage our community to foster the spirit of friendship. We express our opinion, as well as lead, support and participate in activities with the aim to protect and enhance the well-being of our community.

Our Shareholders
We provide a platform for them to contribute towards a greater good. We invest responsibly and with integrity while striving to offer our shareholders reasonable return of investment.


We share planet earth. For us to enjoy the bountiful treasures of earth, we need to value LOVE, PEACE & HARMONY. The mission and vision of 1901 will be meaningless without practicing these key values of the brand. They are an inherent part of 1901TM. Not only do we believe and internalise these values, but we also strive to externalise them to our stakeholders. There are many intrinsic values that are being sidetracked in the hustle and bustle of today. 1901TM believes in creating an oasis where the values of LOVE, PEACE & HARMONY are being practiced; in the services we provide as well as the food we serve.


In the pursuit of monetary and personal achievements, people have forgotten what it feels like to be truly joyful. Bouts of joy are being mistaken for true happiness. Time seems shorter and we find it difficult to stop & take the time to enjoy what we already have and appreciate the people around us. We constantly feel alone and unfulfilled. At 1901TM, we want every visit to be a celebration of togetherness; a place where everyone meet as friends and enjoy each other.


1901TM believes in the sanctity of the human race. Living in peace is the right of every individual. We passionately advocate activities that centre on peaceful living as well as the strengthening of human bonds.


We are living in an increasingly borderless world. The interchange of values, cultures and thoughts are happening at a greater rate. People need to learn to co-exist with each other by accommodating different thoughts, beliefs & rituals while staying true to themselves. Such accommodations for these differences are reflected in our outlets, personnel as well as our point of sale materials. We will provide more choices for our customers, while offering them our views but respecting their choices and decisions. The symbol of harmony is symbolised by the joining of two hands in goodwill and respect.


We are an active member of the Malaysian Franchise Association (MFA) and Malay Chamber of Commerce Malaysia (MCCM) registered with the Malaysian Ministry of Entrepreneurs and Corporate Development (MECD). Our business is regulated and governed by the Malaysian Franchise Act 1998. We also actively participate in events organised by Malaysia External Trade Development Corporation (MATRADE) to promote the 1901TM brand.

List of Awards
1901TM was awarded the 'Most Promising Franchisor of the Year for 2000/2001' by the Malaysian Franchise Association. The award recognises the achievements of up-and-coming, enterprising franchisors who are well-positioned for the future. Evaluation criteria include the franchisor’s management, development of the franchise business and a sound franchise system.

The Malaysia Superbrands Council awarded Nineteen O One Sdn Bhd with the 'Consumer Superbrand 2003/2004' and again in 2005. According to the Council, “a Superbrand offers consumers significant emotional and physical advantage over its competitors that customers want, recognise and are willing to pay a premium for. The Malaysian Council is part of the Brand Council in United Kingdom with affiliate branch councils spanning over 27 countries around the world whose the judging panel consists of eminent figures in branding.

Halal is an Arabic term meaning permissible, allowable or lawful. The term is used to describe anything permissible under Islamic law, in contrast to haram, that which is forbidden. This includes behavior, speech, dress, conduct, manner and dietary laws.

In Islam, a strong emphasis is placed on cleanliness - both spiritually (moral conduct) and in the context of food and drink. For a food or drink product to be approved for consumption it must conform to the Islamic dietary laws as specified in the Qur'an, the Hadith (sayings) of the Prophet Muhammad, his Sunnah (tradition) and in the Fiqh (understanding) of the Islamic Jurists: Hanafi, Shafi', Maliki and Hambali.

In the context of dietary laws, Halal falls in the jurisdictions of food & drinks manufacturing, management, cleanliness, safety, storage, preparation and purification.

1901 Outlet List - Malaysia

1.Ampang PointSelangorPushcart
2.Carrefour Bandar Tun Hussein OnnKajangPushcart
3.Centro KlangKlangPushcart
4.City Mall Kota KinabaluSabahPushcart
5.Financial Park Labuan ComplexLabuanPushcart
6.Giant Putra HeightsSelangorSnack Café
7.Giant NilaiNegeri SembilanMobile Kiosk
8.Gurney PlazaPenangSnack Café
9.Great Eastern Mall Kuala Lumpur Pushcart
10.Highlands HotelGenting HighlandsSnack Café
11.Jusco Seberang PraiPenangSnack Café
12.KLIA AirportSelangorPushcart
13.Kota Kinabalu AirportSabahPushcart
14.Low Yat PlazaKuala LumpurSnack Café
15.MidValley MegamallKuala LumpurSnack Café
16.Miri AirportSarawakPushcart
17.One BorneoKota KinabaluPushcart
18.Pantai Medical Center BangsarKuala LumpurPushcart
19.Penang Times SquarePenangSnack Café
20.Plaza Shah AlamShah AlamMobile Kiosk
21.PSS Kesas (KL bound)Shah AlamPushcart
22.PSS Seksyen 7 Shah AlamShah AlamSnack Café
23.PSS USJ2Subang USJKiosk
24.SogoKuala LumpurSnack Café
25.Subang ParadeSelangorPushcart
26.Subang Jaya Medical CentreSubang USJPushcart
27.Sungei Wang PlazaKuala LumpurMobile Kiosk
28.Sunway Giza DamansaraPetaling JayaPushcart
29.Sunway Pyramid 1 (Lot LL2.31A)Petaling JayaPushcart
30.Sunway Pyramid 1 (Lot F1.K2B)Petaling JayaSnack Café
31.Suria KLCC 1 (Lot C03B)Kuala LumpurSnack Café
32.Suria KLCC 2 (Stall 25)Kuala LumpurSnack Café
33.Terminal 3 Subang SkyparkSubangPushcart
34.Tesco Shah AlamSelangorSnack Café
35.Tesco TaipingPerakMobile Kiosk
36.The Spring Shopping Mall KuchingSarawakPushcart
37.Tropicana City MallKuala LumpurSnack Café
38.Tropicana Medical CenterPetaling JayaPushcart
39.Vista Kiara CondoPetaling JayaSnack Café
40.Warisan SquareKota KinabaluMobile Kiosk
41.Wangsa WalkKuala LumpurPushcart
42.Wisma CIMBKuala LumpurSnack Café
43.Menara TMSelangorPushcart
1901 Outlet List - Singapore

1.Compass PointSingaporeSnack Café
2.MRT Pasir RisSingaporeSnack Café
3.MRT SimeiSingaporeSnack Café
4.Suntech CitySingaporeSnack Café
5.Tampines MallSingaporeSnack Café
1901 Outlet List - Indonesia

1.KarawachiIndonesiaSnack Café
2.La PiazaIndonesiaSnack Café
3.Plaza SemanggiIndonesiaSnack Café

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